How to Join SAENA (Student)

Student Members (no cost)


You are eligible to become a student member if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Are currently enrolled in and studying an accredited course with the Animal Naturopathic Medicine Educatum (formerly NCTM) and
  2. Have not completed the first component of your certification with ANME yet (meaning you have not received any certificates from your course so far) and
  3. Have not previously completed any accredited courses with ANME (or NCTM) which would qualify you as a practitioner.


How To Join – as a Student Member

Before You Start: Please make sure you have a digital copy of either your ANME course payment receipt or your welcome letter from the Animal Naturopathic Medicine Educatum. You will be required to upload one of these documents with your membership application.

Step 1: In the dropdown menu under Join, you will see an option to “Join Us”. Click “Join Us”.

Step 2: You will now be on the “Become a Member” page. Scroll down and fill in the Username and Password sections. Be sure to select “I am a Student” as your Member Type.

Step 3: Fill in your information, being sure to select the correct Category and Animal Types for your course (you should only select categories and animal types which align with the course you are currently studying).

Step 4: Please make sure you upload your ANME course payment receipt or your ANME welcome letter at the bottom of the page, by clicking Choose File and selecting the appropriate documents. We cannot approve your student membership without seeing at least one of these files.

Step 5: Click “Submit Listing”, and that is all you need to do! We will email you a welcome letter once your Student Membership is approved.