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Carrum, VIC, 3197

Paws4Paws is a Melbourne based Canine Myofunctional Therapy business founded by Sandra Bader. We use a combination of remedial massage techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises to restore mobility and improve your dog's quality of life. Whether it is a muscle injury, pain related to arthritis or hip dysplasia, or simply the aches and pains of a senior dog, Paws4Paws can help your dog become a stronger, happier and healthier version of themselves. It is also beneficial to dogs with anxiety and emotional distress and can assist in recovery from surgery. 

At Paws4Paws we are committed to your dog's health and happiness.

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Member since: 2020-01-29 20:45:25 UTC
Name: Sandra Bader
Phone: 0435 774 688

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Address: Carrum, VIC 3197
Service area: Melbourne and surrounding areas