Accredited Courses

SAENA does not offer courses.  

To be eligible for SAENA membership, practitioners will have qualified in one or more of the following courses developed and offered through the following institutions:

The National College of Traditional Medicine, a training organisation based in Ballarat, Victoria, and operating in various locations across Australia:

  • Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy
  • Certificate in Equine Myofunctional Therapy
  • Diploma of Equine Naturopathy
  • Practising Certificate in Equine Nutrition
  • Practising Certificate in Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets
  • Practising Certificate in Herbal Medicine for Horses
  • Certificate in Pasture Management
  • Diploma of Small Animal Naturopathy
  • Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets
  • Certificate in Equine Anatomy and Physiology
  • Diploma of Canine Rehabilitation and Wellbeing Recovery

 All courses accredited by SAENA meet strict guidelines with regard to the quality and experience of teaching personnel, the quality and rigor of theoretical learning and practical application, and the promotion of ethical standards and continuing education for practitioners.

Full Memberships

Practitioners who have completed one of the SAENA accredited courses are eligible for membership of SAENA.

SAENA members are eligible to be listed on the SAENA Practitioner Listing, which generally displays in the top 5 Google search results. They are also eligible to display the SAENA logo on their promotional material, demonstrating their standard of professionalism and excellence in their chosen field.

Membership renewals

Full membership of SAENA costs $100, charged annually from your joining date.


Students studying an accredited course are eligible for free Student Membership of SAENA until they achieve the first component of their certification.

To apply for Student Membership please complete the attached SAENA Membership form, complete the relevant details, scan the completed form and send it to along with proof of enrolment from the College.

Honorary Membership

The SAENA Executive may grant Honorary Membership to someone who had demonstrated significiant and ongoing commitment and contribution to furthering the aims and objectives of SAENA, but who is not a qualified small animal or equine practitioner.