SAENA is a member association for accredited small animal and equine naturopathic practitioners.  It is committed to promoting the benefits of Natural Medicine for dogs, cats and horses; and to working in conjunction with the veterinary industry.

Members of SAENA have achieved a standard of educational excellence in their chosen field(s).

When you choose a SAENA member to treat your dog, cat or horse you are guaranteed that they are qualified and have the appropriate skills to treat your animals.  

Small Animal and Equine Naturopathy

Small (companion) animal and equine naturopathy encompasses the modalities of:

  • myofunctional therapy (massage) - application of a range of massage techniques to the muscles and soft and connective tissues, to promote or restore biomechanical functioning and range of movement
  • herbal medicine -  the treatment and prevention of illness or reduced wellbeing using plant based medicines
  • nutrition – the application of nutritional science (including vitamin and mineral therapy) to achieve optimum health and functioning, based on an animal’s natural (ancestral) diet. This modality includes pasture management.


The rules under which SAENA operates are set out in the Association’s Constitution

Become a Member

  • SAENA promotes the benefits of natural medicine and supports its constituent members
  • Recognition to be skilled and qualified to treat small and large animals
  • Access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance
  • Eligible to be included on the SAENA practitioner listing